Protect your BisB Payment Cards against Double Swiping


The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has announced that all merchants should stop the practice of “Double Swiping” all payment cards whether debit, credit or prepaid, at Point of Sale (POS) machines and cash registers.

What is Double Swiping? Double Swiping is the capturing of payment card data encoded on the magnetic strip of a customer's payment card at the Point of Sale (POS) machine / Electronic Cash Register (ECR) after the card transaction is completed.

Post any transaction, the customer immediately receives a transaction advice via SMS with regards to the approval or denial of their card payment. The second swipe of a payment card is not a requirement to complete any transaction and may result in fraud.

Take precautions in handling any payment and protect your card. To find out more please contact our call centre on 17515151