Trade Finance

Trade Finance
Trade in an evolving economy is progressed primarily through the small and medium enterprise sectors.

The specialized team at BisB understands this and furthermore the absolute need to provide streamlined solutions tailored to each of our customers.

The concept of implementing a pre existing template to every situation does not exist in our modus operandi.

We intensively study each customer's requirements and create a suitable package that is designed under comprehensive Shari'a compliance.

What are the features?

BisB Technical consultants operate with a wealth of knowledge and experience from different sectors of the trade industry and;

  • Combine it with a highly competent and logical approach to trade financing.
  • Ensure that your business cycle does not suffer from inefficient trade platforms.
  • Provides for a greater freedom of growth.

Our trade financing services include:

  • Import/ Export Documentation.
  • Letters of Credit (Import/Export).
  • Letters of Guarantees.