The Newsroom

18 March 2019

BisB Celebrates its 40th Year Anniversary with launching the Exclusive #BisB Event

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) held recently an exclusive tech-driven event entitled #BisB at the Isa Cultural Centre, Manama, in the presence of the Bank’s Chairman and Board of Directors, the Bank’s Executive Management, esteemed VIP guests and several pioneers in the banking sector. The event was held in celebration of the Bank’s 40th year anniversary, in order to highlight key milestones and success stories of the Bank’s journey, as well as provide more insight into the Bank’s strategic initiatives of this year.

During this momentous event, Mr. Hassan Jarrar, the Chief Executive Officer of BisB, along with two members of the Bank’s management team highlighted the Bank’s four-decade journey, sharing with them key success stories, innovative achievements, and gave a brief overview of a glimpse into all that BisB has in store for the future.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Hassan Jarrar, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, revealed, “At BisB we have constantly embedded innovation at the heart of all our strategies. This marks a pivotal event in history, we are the first Bank in the Bahrain to launch an event on this scale, and today will be the platform that will allow us to show you all of our innovations, and how we have paved the way for the industry’s digital transformation, pushing the boundaries with our adoption of advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience and elevate the standards of banking in the Kingdom.”

After sharing a brief recap of the Bank’s history since its establishment in 1979, Mr. Jarrar unveiled the Bank’s efforts to evolve the identity of Bahrain Islamic Bank, inspired by Bahraini roots and spirit, and the commitment to continuously craft new innovative ways to simplify customers’ money matters.

BisB’s revived identity is based on the following values and pillars: applying Islamic and Bahraini principles as a living value embodied in dealing with customers, finding new and innovative solutions at working and in providing customers with banking services and products; a Start-up Mindset as part of an ecosystem of continuously pioneering new ideas; and Social Innovation, a sincere desire to leave a positive impact on the local community. This last pillar forms the backbone of the Bank’s new Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) platform “Jood”.

Mr. Jarrar, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, said, “Our “social innovation” pillar, “Jood” goes beyond the traditional limits of social responsibility, crossing boundaries to reflect our ongoing efforts to create real impact and leave a positive imprint in order to give back to the community in every sense of the word.”

“It is time we start working together across industries to create an innovative ecosystem of learning solve the problems of tomorrow. Jood will therefore focus on education and innovation in order to foster an empowered workforce and inspire leadership in future generations,” he added.

Mr. Mahmood Qannati, Head of Marketing, Brand & Corporate Communications, highlighted the various strategic partnerships the Bank has established under ‘Jood”, which includes ‘Jood’ as well as BisB’s recent collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain and Tamkeen’s Mashroo3i programme, all under the framework of the Bank’s social innovation pillar.

Mr. Qannati also underlined the Bank’s intention to collaborate with the Ministry of Education on a number of community projects, including but not limited to the ‘Read’ Innovation Bus - a digitized mobile library managed by MOE that travels around Bahrain to schools in the Kingdom, the ‘Social Innovation Exhibition which will enable high school students to launch new ideas, and the School Renovation Project. Mr. Qannati also shed some light on BisB’s exclusive partnership with LinkedIn.

Wrapping up the event, the BisB CEO unveiled the Bank’s new logo stating, “We needed to a change, we needed to refresh our logo in order for it to be in line with our vision for the future; but it was imperative to maintain our ties to our name, roots and heritage. So we did not stray away from our original identity.”